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Adams & Moore Designs

Or does it simply mirror a trend, style, or store?  Even if your furniture once perfectly suited your tastes, it may be time to refresh and revitalize. You update your car, clothes, and music. Your home or office are just as much a reflection of your individuality. Surround yourself with furnishings that express your sense of style. And when you take advantage of our specialties, such as reupholstering with down cushions, you can feel good both inside and out by recycling without losing an ounce of luxury.

Does your furniture
really reflect you? 

Our Clients

We have over fifty years of experience, and have worked with homeowners, designers,

and commercial clients, including:

Hilton Hokulani Waikiki

Turtle Bay Resort

St. Regis Princeville

Quiksilver Stores

Nobu Restaurant

Neiman Marcus

Elegance is the balance

between proportion, emotion, and surprise.

- Valentino

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