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Billy lived in Colorado for thirty years and Donna spent twenty years there, where they owned an upholstery shop and furniture design business  among the Rocky Mountains. Though the Rockies were an inspiring backdrop for their creative work and they had many loyal clients, the less-than-inspiring winters drew them to Hawaii in 2010. They love the islands' mix of cultures, styles, and natural beauty.


Billy grew up in Texas learning the trade from his father, supplemented later with advanced courses, time working alongside a German master upholsterer, and many years of experience at Colorado's premier furniture houses before opening his own custom shop.


Donna earned a BA in English from Penn State, and worked in writing, editing, teaching, and international travel. Wherever she went in the world, she collected fabric for the sheer beauty of it. She translates her lifelong passions for fabric and design into her work with Billy. They share a love of functional art  and cutting-edge design.

Billy Adams & Donna Moore

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